Dr. Katie Takacs

After seeing a family member fall victim to the side effects of numerous medications from traditional medicine, I wanted to seek an alternative treatment for them. I began the Florida DABCI course after seeing the results that the doctors teaching the course were having with their patients- without the use of medications. During my time spent in the program, I learned far more information than what was being taught to me at school. Dr. Kleber and Dr. Wisniewski relay the information in an easy to understand manner, by using patients’ labs, history, and treatments to help explain different concepts. I believe that this course has made me a better clinician, and will ultimately allow me to help my patients live a healthier life. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants a more thorough understanding of the immune system, endocrine function, hormonal testing, food sensitivities, and much more.

Dr. Shaun Adams

The DABCI program was a fantastic experience for me. As a recent graduate, it expanded my knowledge of the human body and how it functions, as well as my understanding of how to properly diagnose and treat my patients. As a chiropractor, I have a broad scope of practice but I didn’t feel as though I was adequately prepared to utilize that scope until I attended and completed this program.  All in all, it was an experience I recommend to all chiropractors.

Dr. Angela Scopel

As a soon to be graduate of Chiropractic College and a student in the D.A.B.C.I. program, I now feel very well prepared for what my future as a D.C. has in store for me. The knowledge and resources that I have gained from the internist program have well exceeded my expectations. The Doctor’s who were involved in our program, have set very high standards in care that are now within my reach starting into practice. This is a program that I would highly recommend to any chiropractic student as it is the future of health care.

Dr. Michael Shamat

Great information and a variety of topics to learn from and important topics to share with others!

Dr. Brett Wisniewski

The DABCI program has been one of the best and most complete programs I have attended.  The presenters are top notch and the material is current.  I strongly recommended taking this series!